ETN APP downloads break through the 3 million-mark months ahead of ETN-Network’s 4th Anniversary

ETN APP downloads break through the 3 million-mark months ahead of ETN-Network’s 4th Anniversary

The blockchain update is progressing. Testing is showing great results

The ETN-Network has just reached a fantastic new milestone. As of today, 23 July 2021, over three million users have downloaded the ETN App. And currently, the ETN-Network has over 4.3 million registered users and growing. 

The ETN-Network has also recorded tens of thousands of monthly blockchain transactions, nearly 252,000 in-ETN-App mobile and utility top-ups, and almost 314,000 instant transfers.

Here are some of the great reviews the ETN App has received from some thrilled ETN-Network community members. 

The ETN App has been an enormous success throughout the years as it can be used in over 160 countries for either mobile top-ups or purchases from merchants worldwide, as can be seen in the ETN Everywhere directory.

As our massive ETN community may already know, apart from the availability of in-ETN-App mobile top-ups in 163 countries and electricity reloads in nine, travel is a reality at an attractive discount thanks to Locktrip

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ETN users in South Korea can use their ETN via MeconCash across 13,600 ATMs and purchase thousands of products via their retail platform MeconMall.  

There, ETN App users have access to everything from food, flowers deliveries, baby items, bikes, home appliances, and so much more. And for those ETN users planning to visit South Korea, don’t forget the MeconCash wallet enables them to quickly and conveniently use their ETN in that country. 

Gamers can use their ETN App on Splinterlands, one of the most popular blockchain games in the industry, or for game servers on Host Havoc. ETN-Network plans to integrate many more use cases in the coming months, so keep an eye out for some more exciting incoming news in this regard. 

Richard Ells, on a CBDC Panel in London

The ETN-Network is also highly delighted to announce that on day two of the Blockchain Global in London, 7 September 2021, CEO and Founder Richard Ells is one of the panelists who will discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies. The panel also includes Eric Van der Kelij, Activeledger Chairman, and William Lovell, Bank of England’s Head of Future Technology. 

The panel will centre on topics such as innovation with central banks and digital currency use cases. The crypto experts will also speak of the geographical hotspots where national currencies are being tokenised.

According to a Coininsider report, Sweden, Bahamas, France, Philippines, Japan, and Switzerland are testing CBDCs. CNBC reported recently that the US Federal Reserve is about to start developing a CBDC to tokenise the US dollar. China may already have the lead as already 10 million people citizens are using the digital yuan. 

Richard Ells and his panel colleagues will also discuss the advantages and benefits of digitising fiat currencies with CBDC and whether it’s disruptive or stabilising. Of course, regulatory issues could not be left out of the agenda.   

This year’s Blockchain Expo takes place physically over two days, 6 and 7 September, with an interesting agenda. The event is virtually streamed a week later, from 13 September to 15 September, for those not able to attend the physical event. For a look at all the speakers, click here

In case you missed it!

In last week’s update, Chris Harrison, the ETN-Network Head of Blockchain, informed the massive and very supportive ETN community that his team was currently in full testing mode. That process ensures the system is fully operational and secure before the blockchain fork is released. Today, he adds that it is moving along very smoothly and very efficiently, which means we will hear from him again in the coming weeks. 

The blockchain team is also making sure no technical debt is left behind moving forward, a decision only a handful of tech businesses worldwide make and implement, he said.  

Mr. Harrison explained that tech debt refers to what results from when Dev teams prioritise quick releases over perfect coding, which is never a good thing to do, especially when it comes to network security and functionality.




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