The ETN-Network team is focused on ensuring the best timing for all future releases : Richard Ells


ETN-Network CEO and Founder Richard Ells announced today that his entire team is working to ensure the right timing for the blockchain fork release and all the announcements scheduled to take place before the end of 2021.

“We are all working hard to ensure the best timing possible for the release of what is very exciting news for the entire ETN-Network community,” said Mr. Ells. 

“What I can reveal right now is that our blockchain team, led by our talented blockchain expert Chris Harrison, has progressed quite significantly. They are focused on testing and other coding features. That means we are just weeks from announcing the block height at which the fork will take place,” the award-winning blockchain project CEO said. 

He explained that the fork is essential for many reasons, including that it “means we should see several new crypto exchange listings before the end of the final quarter of 2021.”

He said that he and the blockchain team would have a more accurate date for the fork upgrade within the next couple or so weeks. 

“Once the fork is released, several partnerships that have already been developed and many integrations that are ready to go already will be announced and released,” he said. “Q4 promises some great announcements that we expect will excite our very supportive community.” 

Mr. Ells concluded that behind the scenes, he and senior management had taken crucial decisions and actions to cement the long-term stability and success of the ETN-Network and the AnyTask™ Platform

The Tech team and their progress

Product Manager Alex Brakels has reported that the Tech team continues to improve the Seller onboarding process. He added that the Tech Team would also share images showing how that improved user journey looks like in the coming weeks.

The ETN-Network user onboarding process is also under ongoing improvements, he said. “The Dev team is working on making the user experience as perfect as it can be.”

Those user experience (UX) improvements include enabling ETN App users to change their PINand password from within the App. “Our ETN community members will no longer have to log in to to make basic account updates like changing your pin,” Mr. Brakels reiterated. 

Marketing has an update

The Marketing team are, as always, continually aligning strategies for all activities related to the AnyTask™ Platform.

ETN-Network Head of Marketing Cathy Jenkins shared just a couple of the team projects that are currently work in progress. They include new LinkedIn sponsored content that is already showing results with new users and transactions to the platform and several SEO updates and continuing to publish tips and advice for users on the AnyTask Official YouTube channel.

MsJenkins also announced that the team is ramping up automated email efforts and will shortly introduce a newsletter-style message to Sellers and Buyers. 

Recruitment announcement

Human Resources Manager Mike Jennings said the business is currently advertising several job opportunities. He asks that anybody interested or who knows people interested please check out the ETN-Network’s employment vacancy page and share it with friends, family, and social media followers. 

Mr. Jennings said HR is currently seeking Junior, PHP, and Front End developers. He also said his department also has an outstanding opportunity for a Delivery Manager/Scrum Master. And lastly, the business is also seeking a talented Test Analyst


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