Several major ETN-Network integrations are set for release shortly: Nigel Pooley

The ETN-Network will shortly launch several major integrations that Nigel Pooley, Business Development Lead, has been progressing.

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Mr. Pooley said these integrations are poised to unlock other future and very significant opportunities that will benefit the entire project and its millions of registered users worldwide. 

"I am so pleased that these major integrations are finally about to be released in the coming weeks," said Mr. Pooley. "These will be key milestones in the ETN-Network and the AnyTask™ Platform path to further expand the ETN ecosystem and further enable the reach of ETN." 

The Business Development Lead emphasised that the upcoming ETN-Network and ETN App integrations are very interesting and have been long-awaited by the massive and very supportive ETN community. 

Blockchain development update

ETN-Network Head of Blockchain Chris Harrison said he is pleased to update ETN users and the broader crypto and blockchain community that the blockchain project he and his team are working on is progressing on time. 

 "We are coming to the end of the development phase of the blockchain project on which we are currently working," assured Mr. Harrison. "We will likely enter the testing phase within the next few weeks." 

Mr. Harrison said he is also delighted to announce that the Ledger cold storage wallet coding revision will be one of his team's next priorities following the launch of the blockchain update. 

A Support Team update

Head of Operations Nick Cook reported that although Support has significantly reduced the account verification backlog, the Support team continues to grow. 

Support is currently in a much better place regarding user accounts and verifications, Mr. Cook highlighted. And while ETN-Network continues to train new Support staff members, they are presently working very efficiently in onboarding the thousands of new users we have incoming daily. 

Richard Ells' at the B4E Summit 2021

ETN-Network Founder and CEO Richard Ells will address the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021 alongside three other prominent blockchain experts and debate "The social impact of blockchain on a global scale – how the technology is affecting humanity." 

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Mr. Ells will be on the virtual stage on 9 June at 14:50 UK time (GMT+1) alongside Manmeet Singh, Blockchain for Europe Vice-Chair and Blockseed Ventures Managing Partner. Cecilia Chapiro, UNICEF Investment Advisor, has also confirmed her participation. And Anca Bogdana Rusu, cLabs Head of Partnerships, Policy, and Advocacy, will moderate. 

As the head of a blockchain startup that in 2020 received City AM's Crypto Award for Sustainability and Social Impact, Mr. Ells has experience leveraging the power of the revolutionary technology for financial inclusion. 

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The event kicks off 8 June at 10:00 am UK time (GMT+1) with a keynote speech followed by a panel debate entitled "A Digital Euro – why we will need an intermediary solution." Don't miss your opportunity to attend by clicking here to register now. 

The AnyTask™ Platform Heroes are live!

Head of Marketing Cathy Jenkins has reported that the ETN-Network and sister business AnyTask™ Platform teams have focused on improving user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). 

She explained that the AnyTask™ Platform marketing team ensures that both Buyers and Sellers of Tasks on enjoy their journey while on the global freelance platform. Ms. Jenkins also said the priority is to ensure that those seeking online freelance services easily and quickly find what they need. ​ ​ Marketing Executive Hannah Plamer added that part of her team's efforts has resulted in the implementation of the AnyTask Heroes, which aims to help Buyers make a choice out of the thousands of Tasks available on the AnyTask™ Platform. 


AnyTask™ Platform Heroes explained

Cathy and Hannah explained that the team has introduced a new way to reward the most dedicated Sellers who have consistently pleased their clients with their talent, skills, hard work, and delivery. 

CHECK OUT: The AnyTask™ Platform Heroes page

Ms. Jenkins said it is important to note that a Seller who is granted a Hero Badge for one of their Tasks does not necessarily mean they have received one for each of their freelance offerings. 

Cathy Jenkins also pointed out to AnyTask™ Platform research that shows that Buyers can sometimes find making a choice quite difficult, mainly given that there are nearly 30,000 ​ Tasks listed on the platform. 

Buyers can confidently choose from Sellers with Hero Badges. The accolade is granted only to those with a high average review score, delivering good work consistently and punctually over time. ​ 

Ms. Palmer said that Sellers are under ongoing meticulous review to determine whether they should have the Badge or not. She also noted that the team removes Seller Hero Badges when their performance drops below Hero standards.


The weekly stats and numbers

The ETN-Network is quickly approaching another fantastic milestone. With just under 2.97 million ETN App downloads, the 3-million-mark is within weeks' from happening. 

Over 5,000 new ETN enthusiasts registered new ETN accounts in the week ending this past Wednesday. Four new merchants registered to the directory of outlets that accept ETN. The total is now 2,217. 

The ETN Network and sister startup continue to grow, a clear indication that there is significant interest in the ETN ecosystem.



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