Meet WONDER Foundation, Electroneum’s newest trusted ETN miner that helps thousands out of poverty

Meet WONDER Foundation, Electroneum’s newest trusted ETN miner that helps thousands out of poverty

Electroneum announces their association with another transparent and trustworthy NGO that focuses their hard work on empowering girls and women around Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • WONDER Foundation and Electroneum share the vision to help improve the lives of millions that live in vulnerable conditions helping them to exit poverty and live more.
  • The UK-based foundation has been making a difference around the world for more than four years working to help tens of thousands, including survivors of natural disasters.

Electroneum is excited to reveal their association with WONDER Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) who have been selected as their newest trusted miner who share the vision to help break the cycle of poverty in the developing world by providing long-term assistance to tens of thousands of children, single mothers and their families.

The UK-based WONDER Foundation has empowered tens of thousands of girls and women by transforming their lives through access to quality education and providing them with the tools and assistance they need for a future that is truly promising.

Throughout the years, WONDER Foundation has made a difference in dozens of countries working with locally-lead partners around the world helping to end poverty.

WONDER Foundation also helps people who have survived natural disasters. For example, the NGO helped nearly 15,000 Filipinos whom were victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Thousands also received urgent medical care and ten families received new homes through WONDER Foundation.

“Our partnership with Electroneum will give women and girls in countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and the Philippines the chance to access quality education, leading into good work,” says WONDER Foundation Director of Policy and Campaigns Olivia Darby. “More than this, through personal support, they will be able to be agents of change in their own lives and communities: truly empowered women!”

WONDER Foundation states they work for real, long-term change because “real change takes time – whether it’s personal, professional, or community-wide.” As part of their long-term assistance, the NGO ensures that students in their partner projects receive mentoring to make sure that they can complete their education and fulfil their potential. This helps end poverty, they add.

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Electroneum CEO Richard Ells praised the work of WONDER Foundation. “We took a very close look at many NGOs when we decided to transition to our proprietary Moderated Blockchain, powered by our unique Proof of Responsibility (PoR) protocol.

“When we heard of WONDER Foundation and the amazing work they do on a global scale, we researched them and found they share our vision to help people live more,” says Ells. “They are helping young women to upscale their skills and ensure they have a brighter future. They carry out this mission in many countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where they have already made a huge difference in the lives of thousands.”

Recently, Ubuntu Pathways was revealed as one of Electroneum’s new miners. Ubuntu is an NGO that has been praised by Desmond Tutu (1984 Nobel Peace Prize) and Bill Clinton, among many other internationally renowned personalities.

“We carried out an in-depth investigation into many NGOs and confirmed that both Ubuntu Pathways and WONDER Foundation are amongst the most transparent and trustworthy in the world,” says Ells.

Electroneum has since its founding in September 2017 focused its priorities on helping millions of people in the developing world live more. It has made this possible by rewarding its users with up to US$3 monthly in ETN and by enabling them to use it every day.

In South Africa and Brazil, Electroneum’s thousands of ETN users are already topping up their mobile phones with airtime and data via the Electroneum mobile app. In South Africa, Electroneum users can also use their ETN to buy bread, milk, coffee, sugar and other basic food items as well as pay for taxis and carwashes.

“We have invested heavily in research and development all with the aim to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream adoption,” says CEO Richard Ells. “We have created an ETN ecosystem that is quickly expanding as we prove to corporations and organisations that cryptocurrency does have real-world utility.”

In recent years, WONDER Foundation has had a positively long-lasting impact on tens of thousands of girls and women as well as their families and now that it has become an Electroneum trusted miner and will receive ETN block rewards, the NGO will be able to continue helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

All photos: Ismael Martinez Sanchez / ONAY
All photos: Ismael Martinez Sanchez / ONAY


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