Food, construction materials, and electricity top-ups with ETN?

Food, construction materials, and electricity top-ups with ETN?

Electroneum's real-world utility in Africa expands to more countries and more products and services

As the award-winning cryptocurrency’s third anniversary approaches, Electroneum finds itself at the threshold of amazing new integrations and partnerships. At the same time, interest in the project grows throughout the crypto, blockchain, and FinTech space.

In the coming weeks, the Electroneum team expects to reveal fascinating news on various fronts, including integrating a very innovative way for our users to purchase a wide variety of food items, construction materials, and electricity top-ups for people in several African countries.

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Essentially, any Electroneum user anywhere around the world can use their ETN app to purchase those items and services online and send them to friends and family that live in the African countries where the service is available.

Next week, there will be great news regarding our membership to a selective blockchain group that for now only has a handful of the most prominent blockchain projects. That will help bring greater credibility and visibility to Electroneum.

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Marketing Update

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott has revealed that talks with top crypto influencers are going well and that campaigns with them are planned for roll-out on 1 October.

“We are now in the final stages of compiling offers and in the process of approving them and signing agreements as we aim to kick start our influencer campaign in time for the 1 October membership announcement, previously mentioned.”

Mr. Marriott also said that “we’re underway in developing a re-engagement email strategy for all our non-engaged Electroneum users, who are very important to us. And there are also plans for another full in-depth company review, which should yield us an even higher rating, plus marketing exposure throughout Asia.”

More on the media campaign

The recording of the second part of the three-part TV series with FMWMedia for exposure on Bloomberg, KRON TV, and Fox Business is scheduled to take place next week. Electroneum will keep you updated on when the shows air.

Next week, Cointelegraph plans to publish the first two sponsored articles part of a one-year media campaign to create greater brand awareness. The articles have been reviewed and are all set to go.

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The brand awareness campaign with podcasters has kicked off with sponsored ads in three shows. The Wolf of All Streets hosted by Scott Melker, Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem, and The Funky Crypto Podcast hosted by Ben Askren and John Kim, who combined have over a million followers across their social media channels.

And on 5 October at 17:00 GMT, CEO Richard Ells will be live on The Funky Crypto Podcast. Very shortly, we will provide our entire community with the dates and times for an interview with Mr. Ells on Untold Stories and The Wolf of All Streets.

AnyTask Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie has provided us with a teaser regarding a massive media campaign she is putting together to bring in more buyers onto our global freelance platform that continues to grow.

“There are now just over 15,000 tasks listed and over 530,00 registered users on AnyTask,” she said. “We are also very thrilled to say that over the last week, purchases of tasks have increased by nearly 11%.”

Non-stop growth

The latest stats provided by our Data Analyst Ellen MacPherson, show nearly 5,000 new Electroneum registered users.

“Our user numbers continue to grow quite notably week by week,” she said. “We now have over 4.05 million registered users with an average of just over 1500 ETN in each of their wallets. We have also registered 5,216 more app downloads this past week, bringing that total to 2,684,030.”

App-to-app transfers and mobile airtime and data top-ups also registered an increase to a total of 206,182 airtime purchases and 301,664 app-to-app transactions. We now have nearly 2,040 outlets on that accept ETN as payment.

From our techies

Head of Tech Development Barry Last revealed a new, much faster KYC/AML System is currently being tested. ​ “The testing is almost complete, which means we could be releasing this solution next week.”

And lastly, Head of Blockchain Chris Harrison said his team has reached out to Ledger for an update on Electroneum’s hardware wallet integration review. That could mean we’ll have an update for you shortly.

Company Updates
About ETN-Network

The ETN App is a mobile-phone-based crypto app powered by a revolutionary instant payment system that enables its more than 4 million registered users to send, receive, and transfer funds with instant transaction notifications and at a cost equivalent to a fraction of a U.S. cent. It is one of the only crypto apps that allows users to top up their airtime and data in 160+ countries and electricity top-ups in nine African nations. ETN users have completed millions of blockchain transactions, including over 300,000 app-to-app transfers and more than 200,000 airtime and data top-ups, making ETN one of the most widely used cryptos. ETN is one of the only cryptos that has made earning its token possible. The AnyTask Platform is a freelance platform matching Buyers and Sellers of digital Tasks, with hundreds of thousands of registered users and tens of thousands of Tasks across dozens of categories. The ETN-Network and the AnyTask™ Platform do not require Sellers to have a bank or PayPal account, empowering millions of people to instantly access the global digital economy