ETN-Network unlocks potential for integration of more features and exchange services to the ETN App and ETN Online Wallet

ETN-Network unlocks potential for integration of more features and exchange services to the ETN App and ETN Online Wallet

Electroneum Ltd CEO and Founder Richard Ells has announced that the crypto and blockchain startup is working with global commercial partners in the newly launched ETN-Network.

This new path will help unlock the potential for integrating more features and exchange services into the ETN App, and the ETN Online Wallet, said Mr. Ells, who is also the CEO of the AnyTask™ Platform.

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One significant change which is being explored for the AnyTask™ Platform will enable buyers on to pay with ETN and other cryptocurrencies.

"As far as the ETN community is concerned, it will be business as usual for ETN users, and the current user experience will remain unchanged," he added. "Operating the ETN-Network in crypto-friendly jurisdictions means we can focus on moving the business forwards," he said, setting out some of the ETN-Network's key objectives:  

  • Empowering millions of people to think globally, not locally; 
  • Giving people access to worldwide marketplaces, without the need for a bank account; 
  • Connecting Buyers and Sellers directly while reducing costs and language barriers.
  • More information on these developments to follow in the coming months.

From our Data Analyst

As mentioned in previous Company updates, ETN App mobile airtime and data top-ups grew considerably during the end of 2020 and the start of this year.

Data Analyst Manager Ellen MacPherson said that in Q4 2020, mobile top-ups grew by 23% over Q3 2020. More exciting, however, is the fact that airtime and data top-ups from within the ETN App have continued increasing. They grew by 33% in Q1 2021 over Q4 2020.

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New merchant listings on are also on the rise, she added. She said that the number of outlets accepting ETN as payment grew by 31% in Q1 2021 over Q4 2020. MacPherson also said that the Merchant Search Utilization Average Quarterly Growth Rate showed an uptick as well: 37% growth in Q1 2021 over the last quarter of 2020.

"We have over 2,187 listings from 173 countries registered on the site, and we have recorded an average of 335 searches conducted daily," she said.

The ETN Donate website has also shown growth. The number of donations increased by 217% over Q4 2020, she added. In Q4 2020, philanthropists made 53 donations versus 168 in Q1 2021.

There has also been a 22-fold increase in the amount of ETN donated in Q1 2021 versus Q4 2020.

Encouraging AnyTask Platform stats

The Data Analysis Manager also spoke of new Buyer growth. The AnyTask Platform has shown an average 30% quarterly growth in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. She added that Buyers had left an average of four reviews per active Seller. Those Sellers who have received reviews by Buyers have an average 4.2-star rating.

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The weekly statistics are in the image below, which show that the ETN-Network continues to see an average daily user growth of over a thousand and nearly 1,600 daily ETN App downloads.

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About ETN-Network

The ETN App is a mobile-phone-based crypto app powered by a revolutionary instant payment system that enables its more than 4 million registered users to send, receive, and transfer funds with instant transaction notifications and at a cost equivalent to a fraction of a U.S. cent. It is one of the only crypto apps that allows users to top up their airtime and data in 160+ countries and electricity top-ups in nine African nations. ETN users have completed millions of blockchain transactions, including over 300,000 app-to-app transfers and more than 200,000 airtime and data top-ups, making ETN one of the most widely used cryptos. ETN is one of the only cryptos that has made earning its token possible. The AnyTask Platform is a freelance platform matching Buyers and Sellers of digital Tasks, with hundreds of thousands of registered users and tens of thousands of Tasks across dozens of categories. The ETN-Network and the AnyTask™ Platform do not require Sellers to have a bank or PayPal account, empowering millions of people to instantly access the global digital economy