Electroneum users are increasingly topping up airtime and data with ETN

In the past few weeks, Electroneum has experienced a surge in in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups available to ETN users in 163 countries.

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The surge was first observed on 24 March after a week when users completed 2,140 in-Electroneum-app airtime and data top-ups. The previous week, users had completed 1,250 in-app top-ups. And on the reporting week ending on 31 March, Electroneum users had made 2,542 airtime and data top-ups.

The week ending on 7 April, the in-app airtime and data top-ups remained high at 2,330, bringing the total to 236,397 in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups. In December 2020, Electroneum became the second-largest crypto provider of mobile airtime and data top-ups.


User registrations and App downloads

Interest in Electroneum remains high. Data Analyst Manager Ellen MacPherson has reported that new sign-ups remain at over one thousand a day and that as of 7 April, Electroneum has a total of 4,217,547 registered users.

She also said that new App downloads showed a very slight decrease in the week ending on 31 March but are on the upside again. Users have completed a total of 2,903,569 App downloads.

Ellen added that today instant App transfers total 310,863 and that 21 new merchants have registered their businesses onto the ETNeverywhere.com directory of places where Electroneum users can pay with ETN.

Empowering a generation with crypto

CEO and Founder Richard Ells recently delivered a compelling speech on how crypto is empowering a generation. He was among several high-profile crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs who were also special guests at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2021.

The Daily Coin and Investing.com, which boasts over 192 million unique users a month, according to Similarweb, covered the article published by Electroneum in its newsroom.

Jonathan Marriott on Irish Tech News

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott has been interviewed regarding NFTs on various occasions now. The most recent interview with him was conducted by our Advocate Jillian Godsil, an award-winning crypto journalist and PR expert. And it was published on the Irish Tech News website. Click here to listen to the entire interview. 

The NFT giveaway report

The Electroneum NFT giveaway proved to be quite successful, said Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott. As Mr. Marriott previously explained, he worked with all six very talented AnyTask freelance artists to create the NFT series for the giveaways, designed to showcase the fantastic artists available on AnyTask.com.

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He explained that 300 NFTs were part of the giveaway or 100 of each of the three created by AnyTask freelance artists. 

Jonathan Marriot said the 300 NFT giveaway took place in two rounds, one which ended on 25 March and the second one that ended on 5 April.

He also explained that in total, the NFT giveaway campaign generated 637 retweets, 915 likes, and 331 eligible entrants as of 7 April. These numbers likely increased.

“If anyone missed out on any of these designs, they could visit the Atomic Hub marketplace where they can buy and trade this collection with other WAX users,” he concluded, but not before reminding how effective NFTs are for promotional purposes.

Now, any individual, any business, or any organization can go to AnyTask.com’s NFT Artists category and get a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) task completed by one of the six amazingly talented artists there.

Marriott said the NFTs are great for personal use or, better yet, to create a collectible series of digital art they can use for brand awareness, marketing campaigns, and other promotional purposes.

Ongoing improvements

AnyTask.com is under ongoing development. A team of tech experts works on improving the entire user experience, and user interface exclusively. Don’t forget to visit the website and check out the changes that include a new task tile look.


And if you frequently commission digital tasks to online freelancers, please visit our Tips for Buyers section in the AnyTask newsroom, where we have recently published another article with tips on “How to find the right online freelancer every time with AnyTask.”

You can also find “Eight tips to get the best results from your AnyTask freelancer.”



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