Electroneum launches App update as user base continues to grow

Electroneum launches App update as user base continues to grow

ETN is now accepted for discounted online airport parking reservations across the United States.

Electroneum is pleased to inform you that On Air Parking has announced they are now accepting ETN as payment as they integrate cryptocurrency payments into their online airport parking reservation app.  

“We're a growing company, expanding in any way that most benefits our customers. The addition of cryptocurrency is another exciting step in that direction," said On Air Parking CEO Patrick Murray.  

“On Air Parking provides travelers access to the best-priced, off-airport parking at nearly every airport in the United States,” their press release states. “On Air Parking guarantees the cheapest rates at five-star parking facilities, with free cancellations and free shuttle services to get to and back from the airport.” 

Check out the ETN App update! 

The Electroneum App is undergoing exciting new updates to make it more user-friendly, and as part of that renovation, here are the most recent changes, while many more are currently in the works. 

The App updates on this occasion range from a fresh new design and layout to a new “Discover” section, address functionality, and live updates. 

Electroneum App Developer Ben Whomsley shared the following screenshots showcasing the new design and layout. “Transactions are now laid out in a new way to clean up your transaction history,” he added. 

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“The new ‘Discover’ section showcases some of the ways crypto enthusiasts can earn and spend Electroneum (ETN),” said Ben. “This informational section explains what AnyTask.com and ETNeverywhere.com are.” 

Mr. Whomsley also explained that this new section enables users to sign-up, log in and visit the previously mentioned Electroneum websites. 

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“The address book functionality now allows users to add people to their payment list,” Ben said.

“Rather than manually adding ETN wallet addresses or scanning wallet QR codes every time users want to transfer ETN, they can save wallet addresses in the address book," he added. "This means users now only need to tap on the wallet address to which they want to send ETN.” 

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“No more annoying App refresh notifications,” Ben said. “Now, simply tap on the App refresh icon for live updates. 

He explained that now when you tap refresh in the App, “that will trigger the wallet refresh. You can then tap on view status to get the status pop-up and see where you are in the process. 

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Ben said he and his team are continuously working on App improvements, which means they will have more updates in the coming weeks. 

Electroneum shares weekly stats 

The user numbers just keep growing, a clear indication that Electroneum is reaching new audiences and driving increasing interest in this UK-based, award-winning project. 

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As of Wednesday, 17 February 2020, Electroneum has 4,161,682 registered users after a week that saw 20,646 new sign-ups. And App downloads have increased to over 2,000 a day to 14,627 in a week. That brings the total of App downloads to 2,826,103. 

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 Another very encouraging statistic is the number of new merchants on ETNeverywhere.com, an Electroneum directory of merchants accepting ETN as payment. Thanks to 10 new registrations in one week, ETN users now have 2,101 places where they can use their Electroneum token. 

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AnyTask now has over 30,750 active tasks listed across dozens of categories and subcategories. The website has nearly 655,000 registered users and over 16,000 active freelancers. 




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